Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We don't need no stinkin' property rights!

From World Net Daily.

The Colorado Supreme Court today ruled that parks and open space are so important in Colorado cities have the right to condemn property – even outside their borders – to prevent development on land officials want for the public.
The case result announced today involved the "Valley Floor" land just outside the exclusive mountain town of Telluride, which demanded nearly 600 acres of private land owned by several corporations essentially representing Neal Blue, the owner of General Atomics which builds the nation's Predator drone aircraft.

He had proposed several years ago building 22 homes on 64 acres of his private land, and providing new sites for a hospital and school. Then the rest of the land – 91 percent – would be placed under a conservation easement to protect it forever.
The property, if there is no further court action, will be transferred to the city, which must generate about $50 million in payment. However, that already has been set aside by the town where Tom Cruise, Daryl Hanna, diplomat Richard Holbrooke and eBay CEO Meg Whitman have residences.

While this may look like just an example of a few super rich brats ganging up on another super rich brat, it really is another example of judges breaking the state constitution and possibly getting away with it.