Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Too Much Free Speech in Portland

From the Oregonian

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
The mayor of Portland doesn't like being yelled at any more than George Bush.
His answer is to limit the public to one appearance before city council per month.
Apparently you can have too much free speech in Tom Potter's Portland.
"This isn't about free speech. Once a month, these folks can come in and speak their little hearts out."
A little condescending I must say.
Judging from his tone, the mayor would have been quite happy to leap over the City Council table and personally yank Hill from the room. The exchange prompted one council member to turn to another and quip, "I thought he only talked like that to me."

Commissioner Sam Adams says he doesn't think the change is needed and may cast the only "no" vote Wednesday.

"So there are some people who show up again and again. That's their right," he said. "It's only 15 minutes a week, you know."

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