Thursday, January 11, 2007

Further Down the North American Union Road

Union Pacific is asking the Federal Railroad Administration to allow a train that regularly originates in Mexico to undergo safety inspections south of the border and enter without any checks in the U.S.
"Already at war with many of its customers over poor service and escalating prices, Union Pacific now is seeking authority to avoid safety inspections on U.S. soil and run trains from Mexico as far as 1,500 miles through and into major U.S. metropolitan areas," the union says.
The UTU's Paul Thompson disagrees.

"The Union Pacific wants the train safety inspections to be performed in Mexico, where U.S. safety regulations have no force and need not be followed, and where the level of safety training and commitment is unknown," he said.

Thompson further argues a drug war has been raging in Nuevo Laredo.
"America should not be rolling the dice on public safety and national security to benefit an already highly profitable railroad able to pay its chairman $25 million annually and hand out $1 million year-end cash bonuses to top executive," he said. "Public safety and national security should not take a back seat to corporate profits. It is that simple and that urgent."
The rational for this is to expedite the movement of goods from Mexico to the U.S. The result would be to allow more Chinese crap, Mexican drugs, and illegals to more quickly and easily be moved into the heartland of the U.S. from areas in Mexico that even the local officials are afraid to enter because of lawlessness. Not to mention the bypassing of the U.S. workers that are currently serving as a deterent.

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MAX Redline said...

Kansas City's working to set up a Mexican customs center - in approximately the middle of the USA. They're really pushing hard for this NAFTA Superhighway thing.