Saturday, March 10, 2007

Desensitizing, Jamming, and Conversion

First you need an attack plan. How do you convince the general public to accept and embrace the minority gay lifestyle? Well, you just call in a couple of Harvard educated marketing gurus like Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen who came up with the following strategy of "Desensitization, Jamming, and Conversion".
"Desensitization consists of a "continuous flood of gay-related advertising". Flood the public with a never ending assault of gay issues until the "issue becomes thoroughly tiresome." In order to speed up the indoctrination process you can force the schools and government agencies to require mandatory "diversity seminars". These are "re-education" events wherein attendees are manipulated, guilt -tripped and brainwashed into accepting that "homosexuality is a minority characteristic, exactly the same as being Jewish or black, and that thinking or feeling otherwise means you're bigoted, judgmental and hateful." To be continued....

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