Thursday, November 15, 2007

Portland- Haven for the off beat

Imagine finding out that even liberal Portland Oregon doesn't appreciate your peculiar little habits. That's what happened to self-proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan.

"Though McClellan claims he is sexually attracted to young girls, he said he has never molested one. He started a Web site that advises other pedophiles about the best public places to watch young girls, such as parks and libraries. Outrage over it led McClellan to be hounded out of Washington and California earlier this year, and gained him national notoriety.

In choosing to move to Portland, he cited its reputation as a "haven for offbeat people." But in a cell phone interview with The Oregonian on Monday, McClellan said he's done with the city. "
Tri-Met has temporarily banned Mr. McClellan from it's public transportation system for comments printed on his website:
"I've discovered public transportation has its good points: I regularly ride with LGs," or little girls, whom he notes are "usually accompanied by their low-income mothers only."

His comment on the site indicates it has since been edited. But the police report quotes the comment at the time as continuing: "I've made some drug connections by mingling with other bus riders: a guy gave me a psilocybin mushroom cap this morning (what a beautiful day!), and two guys gave me a couple of hits off their pipe full of strong marijuana while we were waiting for the bus to this Internet cafe (I'm still high as I type this, ha ha)."

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