Thursday, April 03, 2008

Doing the Jobs That Americans Won't Do.

Two illegal immigrants, including a 20-year-old who attended Willamette High School, were each sentenced to 10 years in prison Tuesday for their roles in a heroin ring that investigators believe distributed about 55 pounds of heroin and 15 pounds of methamphetamine monthly in the southern Willamette Valley.
Marcelino “Celino” Vargas-Escobar, 20, lived with the sister of 36-year-old Armando Paz-Mendez — described by federal prosecutors as “the primary supplier of heroin dealers” in the Eugene-Springfield area before his arrest last year.

Paz-Mendez was sentenced in February to 15 years in federal prison. The price of black tar heroin doubled in the local market soon after Paz-Mendez and more than 30 of his associates, including Vargas-Escobar, were arrested in March 2007, officials said.

n a statement to U.S. District Judge Michael Hogan, Vargas-Escobar apologized to the country, the community, his family and friends. “As you all know, every human being makes mistakes,” he said. “Some of us learn from them. Some of us fall back into that mistake. I am living that mistake.”

But hey, we all make mistakes, right? They just come here for a better life. To hell with your kid's life.

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