Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh no, not a rebuke from congress?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The House of Representatives on Tuesday formally admonished Republican Rep. Joe Wilson for shouting "you lie" during President Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress last week.

The House passed a resolution of disapproval on a 240-179 vote that was mostly along party lines, reflecting the Democratic majority in the chamber. Twelve Democrats voted "no," while seven Republicans voted for the measure. Five representatives, all Democrats, voted "present."
According to the Office of the House Historian, it was the first time in its 220-year history that the House has disciplined a member for speaking out during a presidential speech in the chamber to a joint session of Congress.

Well that's OK House of Representatives, the American people have already admonished you with a 63% disapproval in the latest survey. I say GO JOE, GO.

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Robin said...

see, this is what's really wrong with our leadership.Yes, shutting out "you lie" was inappropriate... however, he apologized directly to the president. The president accepted the apology.

Now let's move on...

No, Washington loves a scandal. They're got milk this one for all it's worth.

While in my opinion, I think it is good that somebody feels that they should express themselves and tell the emperor that he is not wearing any clothes.

Maybe, for yet more people that are not afraid to speak up a lot more would get done.