Sunday, November 08, 2009

Al Gore's Green Cathedral

The Reverend Al Gore has taken his Church of Climatology to heart by proposing that we need to build a metaphorical "Green Cathedral" to save the planet from impending global warming.
Promoting his new book on the subject he recently appeared on the BBC with Jeremy Paxman.
Mr. Paxman, not one to be smitten by the Nobel Prize Oscar winner asks Mr. Gore some rather pointed questions. His "Green Cathedral" comment is at 3:25 if you can't stand to watch the entire exchange.


The American Tune said...

Just found your blog - great content. The Lindzen paper is toxic to the green sophists. Thanks, Ken

Bobkatt said...

Ken, thanks for the kind words. I checked out your site and found it very good. I'm a little older than you but share a lot of the same interests. I'll check back soon.
Another blogger from Oregon that I read every day is MaxRedlinMaxRedline check it out if you want I think you might enjoy it.
Rock On.