Thursday, April 08, 2010

How Our Tax Dollars Are Spent.

CONCORD — A crew of federal officials wandering into a day labor hiring zone used to mean one thing: time to leave.

Not the case Thursday morning on Monument Boulevard. Armed with coffee, not handcuffs, investigators from the U.S. Department of Labor chatted warmly with Latino immigrant workers about how to find jobs without being exploited.

"We're the feds, but the good ones," said Paul Ramirez, speaking in Spanish inside the Michael Chavez Center, a gathering spot for day laborers. "We're here to help workers."

The unprecedented visit was part of a campaign to bring long-established workplace protections to the nation's most vulnerable and underpaid workers, including those who have no legal right to be living in the United States.

Ramirez made the same speech recently to workers who gather outside a Home Depot in Pittsburg. And it's not only a message for day laborers; it was delivered Thursday at the Chinese Newcomers Service Center in San Francisco.

The awareness campaign, called "We Can Help," is being led by Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, a former Southern California congresswoman who joined the Obama administration early last year.


Robin said...

"no legal right to be living in the united states"

or working in the united states. so basically the Feds are helping people to break the law.

but you know, what does it matter anymore.

the speeple have basically given the US to Mexico without much of a fight.

whatever happened being patriotic and fighting for your country?

We fought against Hitler and the Japanese and yet not only do we not secure our borders, we go out of our way to welcome the invaders and make them feel at home to the point of even force our children in our schools to learn THEIR language.

I predicted at the rate things are going, within another 10 years the United States will pretty much be a Spanish-speaking country.

And all those people who fought and died to protect our freedom, our culture and our way of life have died for nothing as the politically correct, don't ask don't tell and basically handed over the keys to our house.

In short, it also proves that we USED to be a nation of laws and if you didn't like the law, you went to the process to change it. The fact that we bent and refuse to enforce the immigration laws and welcome the invaders basically proved that if a massive amount of people decided that they didn't like the law and just ignored it that the law has no meaning so why should we have to follow any laws.

Take the U.S. Census for example... they're threatening us with huge fines and civil penalties if we do not comply. Why should we?

Even our own government does not care about the sanctity of our borders, why should we fear our government regarding consequences over not filling in the census forms?

Anonymous said...
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Bob said...

Funny thing about the census. I sent mine in and received another form about two weeks later. So much for accuracy.