Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fly California

I have been following the theory espoused by the No Agenda podcast boys that we are seeing a concerted effort to get the public off airplanes and cars and onto rail.  In a nutshell it's "airplanes bad, trains good."
The latest announcement is of the California High Speed Rail Authority. Didn't know there was one, me either. And doesn't that logo look familiar?

Also if you play the animated video in the bottom left corner of the home page you will see something interesting on the side of the engine.  It says "Fly California."

The conspiracy is this: make airplane flight expensive and unattractive. (take off your shoes, images of naked passengers, shut down of entire areas of Europe for the volcano ash for long periods of time, etc.
Make tremendous amounts of  praise for the rail passenger system.  Fast, cheap, green, etc. 
We all know that the American public is not going to swept into this easily.  It will require a tremendous amount of Federal money and the push of Vice President Joe (trainman) Biden, but most of all it will take the cooperation of the media which the Obama white house has no problem getting on board.  (Pardon the pun.)

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MAX Redline said...

In the past decade and a half, some $250 million have been spent on "planning" CA high-speed rail. To date, not one millimeter of track has been laid.

The first transcontinental rail line was built in six years.