Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't Miss Goreapaloosa 2007

I'm sure the liberals that are crying for the "fairness doctrine" and the end to talk radio will want to wait at least until the Reverend Al Gore has finished his summer of love, peace and understanding. What is being promoted as the sensation of the summer, Gorestock also known as Live Earth, is being given at least 75 hours of free coverage by NBC Universal.
"In addition to devoting the entirety of NBC’s Saturday prime-time hours to this Gorestock, hosted by Ann Curry of NBC News, there will be seven hours on CNBC, 18 hours on Bravo, 22 hours on both the Sundance Channel and the Universal HD channel, and three hours combined on Telemundo and Telemundo 2. On top of that, NBC’s press release added that "MSNBC will broadcast special coverage of this global concert event throughout the day with live reports from the concerts in New York and London."
I wonder how much coverage will be given to those experts that differ with the Rev. Gore about the cause and effect of this global problem?

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MAX Redline said...

NBC is owned by General Electric. GE makes compact fluorescent bulbs, so it's a great marketing thing for them.