Monday, September 24, 2007

The List Continues to Grow

Thirty three year old Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle was married, father of two and an eight year veteran of the police force. He survived cancer but was not able to survive being shot by another illegal alien who had already been deported once and was back in this country illegally.
He was shot by Erik Jovani Martinez who at 22, was in the country illegally last year when he was arrested and convicted on theft charges. He was deported on March 3rd. last year and re-entered the country illegally again.
Martinez was stopped by police officer Erfle on Tuesday for jaywalking on a busy Phoenix street. Knowing he had a felony arrest warrant for aggravated assault, Martinez gave him an alias. When the alias turned out to also have a warrant, Martinez began to fight with the arresting officers and pulled a gun and shot Officer Erfle. The illegal then carjacked a passing car and sped away.
The police stopped the car and when Martinez pointed a gun at his hostage police shot and killed the illegal.

The list continues to grow.

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