Saturday, January 05, 2008

Texan of Year?

The Dallas Morning News has announced it's choice for Texan of the Year. It's the illegal (alien) immigrant. What a shocker.
True to the course, even though they acknowledged the obvious problems associated with the illegal invasion, the majority of the article is composed of comments such as " We can't seem to live with him and his family, and if we can live without him, nobody's figured out how." and " Especially here in Texas, his strong back and willing heart help form the cornerstone of our daily lives, in ways that many of us do not, or will not, see. The illegal immigrant is the waiter serving margaritas at our restaurant table, the cook preparing our enchiladas. He works grueling hours at a meatpacking plant, carving up carcasses of cattle for our barbecue (he also picks the lettuce for our burgers). He builds our houses and cuts our grass. She cleans our homes and takes care of our children."

As usual the MSM rarely highlights the damage this scourge has on the lives of everyday citizens lives, health, and property. Go figure.

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