Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And It's All George Bush's Fault.

I would never try to defend George Bush's policy decisions to anyone. But in order to solve a problem you have to first determine the cause. This video while being prejudice gives a little insight to the depth of the corruption in our system.

My uneducated opinion is the actual underlying reason, beside greed, is that we no longer manufacture hardly anything. Some people seem to believe that you can base an economy on pushing paper around. These same people seem to think that we will be just fine replacing all of our good paying jobs with service jobs at minimum wage and still fund more and more government services. They also believe that a country can import an unlimited volume of unskilled labor and destroy our unions, standard of living and ecology. They also seem to believe that you can and must sell houses to people who can't afford them and sometimes are illegals.

An economy based on more and more consumption to more and more people is not only undesirable but also unsustainable. If you believe that it is necessary to our well being to decrease our population rather than expand it you would have to agree that it is counterproductive to tie such a large percentage of our economy on building houses. More houses require more people to build and fill them. They consume a large amount of resources to build and even more to maintain. They force us to either build outward into farm able land or crowd too many people into cities creating the problems associated with that.

For a good discussion on some of the reasons for limiting growth and achieving a sustainable level of economy that benefits everyone go to Casse

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