Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry Gordon, wrong number.

Today in my email I received a heart tugging plea from Sen Gordon Smith begging for money. Sorry Gordon but I don't have any extra money and if I did I would donate it to one of the groups that are working to do your job, protect the border from the illegal invasion. For a good laugh read the following:

Dear GOPUSA Activist:

Last week, The Hill, one of Capitol Hill's leading newspapers, reported that Chuck Schumer and the DSCC have spent more money attacking me than any other Senate race in the country.

For over a year, national Democrats have set their sights on me for defeat. In fact, they and other special interest groups have already spent over $6 million attacking me and distorting my record. By the time we get to Election Day, that number will reach over $20 million dollars!

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, at the orders of hyper-partisan Senator Chuck Schumer, has placed an additional $5 million in attack ads against me.

I'm reaching out to you today because I know you will help me fight back against Chuck Schumer and his cronies. Without your emergency contribution donated in the next 24 hours, the national Democrats will continue to try to buy this Senate seat.

My opponent - Jeff Merkley - is just another poisonous partisan, hand-picked by Chuck Schumer to do his dirty work. Any candidate could be propped up by the millions spent distorting my record. Some national pundits like Charlie Cook have even declared the race a "toss up."

That's why we have to keep fighting back. We must continue to stay strong until Election Day. Only with your help will our campaign have the funds needed to fight back against Schumer, Merkley, and their liberal Washington friends.

Your support today is critical. As the Democrat's top target, I need as many resources as I can to fight back against their attacks. Won't you help me by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500, or even more so we can get the real truth out?

Recently at the Democratic National Convention Howard Dean told the Oregon delegation that Democrats were going to "beat the hell" out of me, and Chuck Schumer pledged, "Jeff Merkley will not lose because of a lack of dollars."

In order to combat all of the attacks, we've had to increase our fundraising budget by $2 million. We need your help today because if we hit that fundraising goal, we can continue to combat the attacks from Schumer and Merkley and get the real truth out to Oregon voters.

As we race toward November 4, there will be many battles to fight, but I am confident that with your help, Oregon's Senate seat will safely stay in Republican hands.


Gordon Smith

P.S. There is no question that I am the number one target of Democrats this fall. They have now spent more money attacking me then any other candidate in the country and I need your immediate help to fight back. I'm relying on you to be a part of my team and help us get the real truth out. Please visit this link and make an emergency contribution in the next 24 hours so we can fight today!

Paid for by Friends of Gordon Smith

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