Monday, April 20, 2009

CNN reporter smackdown

Citing copyright infringement, CNN is pressuring You Tube to take down a clip showing reporter Susan Roesgen belittling tea party protesters and claiming that the protests across the nation was merely a right-wing product of the Fox News Network. During the interviews protesters were cut off before they had a chance to explain exactly what motivated them to show up and instead were dismissed as typical anti-government fringe extremists.
Roesgen ended the interview abruptly but continued to tape her in a discussion with other protesters who managed to inform her of the real reason most of the people turned out to the events. Caught up in her own hype, Roesgen asks how did you find out about these Tea Parties? Was it on the internet? Because CNN didn't promote them they must be some right-wing Fox loving consperacy.

While Ms. Roesgen takes offense at a protester that accused Obama of being a fascist and carrying a small poster of Obama made to look like Hitler, she doesn't seem to have the same sensitivity when it came to President Bush. In an earlier interview at a Bush protest when someone showed up with a Bush mask made to look like the devil she innocently calls it a Bush look-alike.
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