Monday, May 04, 2009

Adios Senator Specter

Good riddance to Senator Arlen Sphincter. Recently the long time Republican announced that he was switching to the Democratic party. But not without using the cancer death of conservative Republican Jack Kemp as one of the reasons he left the party.
On CBS's Face the Nation Mr. Specter continued: "If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine."
Fact is, according to the APHA the American Public health Association, Mr. Specter voted in the public interest only 12% of the time.
So whether Mr. Specter is willing to vote the party line despite his convictions or he simply has no convictions, he is now in the correct party.

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MAX Redline said...

He was a Democrat before he "became" a "Republican". He's never been an actual Republican, and in returning to his roots, he's demonstrated what a classless dork he is.

He switched parties again because he knew that he wasn't going to win in the primary, and all that matters to him is holding on to a seat in Congress. In 29 years, he's never been associated with anything of importance. He's just been taking up space - though to him, it's really important space.

Blaming Republicans for Kemp's death is right up his alley; nobody should have been surprised by that move.