Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Banned in Britain

The British seem to be a little hypocritical when it comes to who they let into their wonderful multicultural utopia. They have banned Michael Savage from entering England because they don't appreciate his "hate speech".
They didn't seem to have a problem with paying for a Muslim cleric who has defended suicide bombers to attend a conference on Islam in Turkey however.
The Government paid for Yusuf al-Qaradawi and his wife to fly from their home in Qatar to Istanbul for the two-day event, and for their accommodation in a five-star hotel.
The 80-year-old cleric was the focus of furious protests in 2004 when he visited Britain as a guest of London mayor Ken Livingstone.
Mr al-Qaradawi, who has also called for the execution of homosexuals and opposed equal rights for women, addressed the opening day of the £300,000 conference.


Robin said...

they, the PC head in the sand folks don't like hearing the truth. just like Michael Savage says, it all about borders, language, and culture.

Speaking of which, Savage used to be on KUGN during the few times that try to be a talk show station, and just like local host Dan Carlin, a few people don't like to hear the truth and get offended and the both got banned.

I have a friend that is in radio, and we're trying to raise the funds to start our own, even if it in only internet radio for now, because I feel that we need more shows like the ones above, Lars and others that are not afraid to speak out and say that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.

Bobkatt said...

Robin, I believe that Savage is still on KUGN 3 hours later than before. It was as of a week or so ago.
Thanks for mentioning Dan Carlin. He is my favorite local guy. Are you aware that he has two podcasts that he produces. "Common Sense With Dan Carlin" comes out about every week or so and the other is "Hardcore History" which comes out about once a month. These are real treasures but I miss the back and forth of live call in radio. He also still lives in Eugene.
Check him out online if you don't do it already.

Robin said...

I did not know that they put Savage back on the air locally, I don't get a chance to listen to radio that much anymore.

I just remember that there was a really big flare up about him locally and KUGN dropped him. Same with Carlin when he started stepping on someones toes.

I did know that he is still podcasting, but I have not had the chance to listen to that either, same with Lars.

Trying hard not to have to move out of state for work.

Bobkatt said...

I remember the Savage incident and the problem came from the U of O students that were upset that KUGN, the voice of the Ducks, was affiliated with Savage. Actually,
I think Savage is on KPNW.
I can't remember Dan Carlin really offending too many people. I think it was more about money. It's probably cheaper to pay syndicated material than pay a live person.