Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sheriff Joe Still Defiant.

Sheriff Joe will not be deterred. Director of Homeland Security Janet "Nappy" Napolitano has decided that the anti-illegal enforcement efforts of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio are too effective in removing criminal illegal aliens.
Arpaio first signed a 287(g) agreement in 2007 and since then dozens of agencies throughout the nation have entered into similar agreements.

Arpaio said ICE conducted an audit of his office’s use of the program, but DHS refused to release it.

Arpaio said his office managed to get a copy recently through the “back door.”

A summary of the audit said the working relationship between the sheriff’s office and ICE was good, and there were no deficiencies found after a review of case files.

“It came out perfect,” said Arpaio, citing that as the reason DHS refused to release the audit.

Coming to the sheriff's defense are Congressmen Trent Franks of Arizona and Lamar Smith of Texas.
“This unbelievable move by the Obama Administration represents a politicized attempt to hinder one of our most effective illegal immigration enforcement mechanisms, the 287(g) program."

According to them, over 33% of the inmates in Maricopa County Sheriff facilities are illegal, and more than 53% of violent crimes in Maricopa County are committed by illegal immigrants.

The fact is that the 287(g) programs works, perhaps too good for Janet (open borders) Napolitano>.

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