Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Poppy Fields Forever"

Livin' is easy with eyes closed.
Disregarding all you see.

Airdrop Of Military Supplies Falls On To Opium Poppy Field By Mistake
Caption: QALANDERABAD, AFGHANISTAN - MARCH 22: A U.S. Marine watches as an airdrop of supplies blows off course towards an opium poppy field on March 22, 2009 next to the Marine base in remote Qalanderabad in southwest Afghanistan. The opium poppy field was slightly damaged when the U.S. Air Force airdrop of supplies blew off target, parachuting on to some of the crops and crushing them. The Marines assured the irate Afghan farmer that he would be paid for his damaged poppy in compensation for the accident. The Taliban often extorts a percentage of the profits from the farmers' harvest to fund attacks on American forces, according to the military. U.S. Marines, however, have no mandate to destroy poppy crops and, in fact, rely on local farmers for information on Taliban activities. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Paying the farmer for damaged poppies. Hmmm, I thought we were discouraging the Opium trade. Guess not so much.

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blade said...

There are a great many real and legal uses for poppies besides opium. Muffins... Thai food... Morphine...