Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dora The Exploited.

If the new Arizona law has accomplished anything, it has got Americans discussing the illegal immigration issue. Some of that conversation is not so pretty.
This picture of a well known cartoon character in a mug shot with obvious abuse marks and 666 666 666 under the photo and the caption:"Dora The Explorer ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING RESISTING ARREST" was not the brainchild of some rabid right wing extremist but actually the twisted humor of a Sarasota Florida woman who claims to be against the Arizona law.


懿綺 said...


MAX Redline said...

The appreciation is one kind of moral excellence ~ response is the biggest support so says 737, anyway.

Apparently, he's defending the North Koreans, though it's hard to see how that has anything to do with our borders.

Now, the interesting thing about the Arizona law is that everybody who rants against it admits that they haven't read it. Dude, it's only a few pages in length...yet these are the same folks who said stupid stuff like "We have to pass the health care bill so you can find out what's in it."

They didn't read the 2200-page bill they supported, and they can't be bothered to read the 8-page bill they gripe about. They haven't read a lick of either bill, but one is somehow wonderful and the other is just really terrible.


Robin said...

Max makes a great point. It also brings up the issue about how many other bills that our representatives have NOT read.

Maybe this is sign of a bigger problem and of any type overhaul is going to be made, maybe it should be of our Congress and local legislatures in how they do business.

personally, I think they should abstain from voting on any bill that they do not have legitimate knowledge regarding the bill.

Not having their staff or them personally read the bill, I feel does not make them qualified to offer an opinion or to vote on the subject.

儀芝 said...

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