Friday, June 04, 2010

When In Trouble Call A Hippy,.

Vegan cafe in Portland.
Cop goes in to get a cup of coffee and check out cafe he has never been in.
Co-owner asks him to leave because "cops shoot people" and he doesn't feel safe.
Cop leaves quietly.
I guess the co-owner is a Rand Paul fan.  He believes he has the right to decide who is welcome in his private business. 

I wouldn't want to be this bozo when there is a problem at this place.


Robin said...

No kidding. I will bet that he will not hesitate to call the cops when he is in trouble, and I would not blame that cop to be slow on responding. however being that they are professionals, that cop will do his duty well despite what that jerk thinks of them.

MAX Redline said...

You know, the cop just quietly left. With his cup of take-out coffee. Which he'd paid for. I don't know whether or not he left a tip.

Now, there are a couple of interesting aspects to the story that haven't been publicized: the logo of the red&black cafe includes the upside-down "A" associated with the anarchist tribe. When a Starbuck's opened across the street from them, the locks to the doors at Starbuck's were mysteriously superglued. Subsequently, the place was firebombed.

No mystery that the folks at black&red don't like cops.

蕙帆ElmoAc said...


Bobkatt said...

Max-good back story.
P.S. any idea how to stop these crazy Chinese posts other than deleting them.