Monday, June 21, 2010

Let The Rationing Begin

EUGENE, Ore - Dr. Daniel Bustos is an Ophthalmologist at Eugene's PeaceHealth Medical Center. He helps his patients with their vision. A recent change in a Medicare is something he hopes they all see clearly.

Medicare recently cut how much they pay him by 21 percent. "It's a very large chunk," he said.

Dr. Bustos says this will affect doctors like him who work with elderly people. About half his patients are on Medicare.

"When these reimbursements for these physicians for these patients that they're seeing drop down by 21 percent, they're going to have to adjust costs somewhere else," he said.

He suggests some doctors might adjust these costs by hiring less staff to run the clinics, charging other patients more, or taking fewer Medicare patients. Some doctors might end up taking no Medicare patients at all.

"Their doctors are going to have less money effectively to treat them," explained Dr. Bustos. "And I think it's important as patients to understand what the effects are going to be based on the decisions our lawmakers have made."

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