Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Incumbents Must Go

 This guy makes me so mad that I'd like to run against this a**hole myself.
If you haven't seen this video yet it is a great example of the contempt some of our elected officials have for the rest of us.

Update: This clown doesn't live in his district or even in his state.
In this article in the SF Gate they even label him the Democrat from Maryland.

It would be unfair to suggest that Rep. Pete Stark claimed his Maryland house as his principal residence just to get a $3,800 tax break. Stark had a legitimate basis to claim that his 3,600-square foot home on 6-plus acres in the Washington suburbs fits the definition of his primary home. He admittedly spends far more time there than he does in the Fremont townhouse he rents for his twice-monthly visits to his district.

I know Californians are crazy but isn't there someone in the 13th district that can beat this loser?

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