Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We Don't Need No Stinkin' equal vote.

TOH to the No Agenda Podcast.

To what lengths will the PC crowd go to to guarantee diversity. Apparently there is no limit. The township of Westchester County has decided that the one-person, one-vote is passe.
"...a federal judge ordered Port Chester to adopt a new voting system to give Latinos a better shot at electing one of their own to the six-member board."

The electoral system itself made news, letting voters use six votes however they chose, including casting all six for one candidate. One Republican who won, Joseph D. Kenner, was the first black candidate elected to the board.

According to the most recent census data, from 2006 to 2008, Latinos make up 49 percent of the village’s roughly 28,000 people, though many are not citizens; about 39 percent are non-Hispanic whites and 7 percent are black. Still, in past elections, the preferred candidates for the village board among Latino voters were usually defeated.

Did you get that? "many are not citizens".

The election of Mr. Marino, one of two Latino candidates on the ballot, could lead to the wider use of cumulative voting as a remedy in voting rights lawsuits, said FairVote’s executive director, Rob Richie.

“In the next round of redistricting, I think you’ll see a lot more places where some remedy may be needed and challenges brought, and communities say, ‘If I have to change, I’d like this,’ ” said Mr. Richie, who was here this week for the election.

Is there any question that the current census which is making a large effort to count legal and illegal immigrants alike will be used to implement this travisty nationwide?  There is a huge problem when you are only concerned with outcome and not a logical process.  This applies to every aspect of life from education to the economy.


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