Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our Legal System Is Officially Nuts

How do you know that your legal system is nuts? Well first you have two border guards given 10-12 years in prison for doing their job and defending our country against a lying drug smuggler. Now you have a D.C. judge, Roy Pearson, suing the owners of a dry cleaning shop for losing his pants.
When they originally couldn't find the pants the judge demanded a thousand dollars. The owners refused to pay and found the pants a week later and tried to return them to the judge but by then he was so upset that he sued them for $65 million dollars. Can you spell extortion?


MAX Redline said...

Yes, the news is a bit stale, but the message remains clear. The smuggler was granted immunity in order to testify against the two Border Patrol agents. How do you spell "travesty"?

Bobkatt said...

I personally think this guy should have his past court decisions reviewed. If he is this irrational how can he be a judge? I line from Seinfeld comes to mind. "Shouldn't you be out on a ledge somewhere?"