Saturday, May 26, 2007

Surrender Monkeys

When I think of San Francisco I think of anything goes. Well, not if you're a couple of politically incorrect chimpanzees masquerading as "surrender monkeys". San Francisco home of non-stop protests draws the line at primates with the wrong message. San Francisco's health code (who knew they had one) prohibits anyone from possessing or having under their control without a permit a "wild and potentially dangerous animal. That includes "the chimpanzee, the baboon, the orangutan, the gibbon and the gorilla."

Wayne Pacelle, president of the Human Society of the United States, decried t he use of live primates in a protest.
"It's a shame that Move America Forward is exploiting animals to score political points," Pacelle said. "Bringing chimpanzees into a crowded situation is potentially dangerous for the animals as well as the public. It also shows this group's disregard for the law, since it's generally illegal to have chimpanzees in San Francisco."

No mention of the legality of chimpanzees masquerading as City officials.
The chimps, April and Jake were in town as part of a protest organized by Move America Forward, a group that opposes Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's support on measures that they claim undermine the mission of our troops in Iraq. When confronted with the rule by one of San Francisco's finest, the chimps were carefully returned to their home on Steve Martin's Working Wildlife home, San Fran. was once again safe from this incredible threat.

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MAX Redline said...

Good ol' Wayne had no problems with the "trunk monkey" television ads. Of course, those ads were sort of humorous, and carried no political message. Not that HSUS ever carries a political message....