Friday, August 24, 2007

Is it just me?

O.K. I admit it, I'm paranoid. But for the last couple of years there have been so many things going on in this country that just don't make sense. Such as we can spend billions of dollars rebuilding Iraq but can't fix New Orleans and our bridges are falling down. We are told there are jobs Americans won't or can't do such as operate our ports, build our own roads, cut our own lawns, etc. Hell, we can't even get a fence built with $80 millions dollars. We can send troops to fight terrorism in other countries but we can't protect our own border from those same terrorists.
So when I read the following two articles in the World Net Daily my spidey senses started tingling.

Article one is about how the governor of Colorado has declared a disaster emergency suspending some state regulations for the trucking industry because the wheat harvest this year is 119% larger than last years and the largest in 10 years. This would appear to be good news except that they fear they won't have enough trucks and rail cars to move the wheat to market. They are suspending the regulations in order to allow trucks to be brought in from-Kansas.

Article two is about the Mexican trucks are scheduled to begin invading our country as early as September 1st. even though the DOT audit ordered by congress states that there are a couple of areas of concern that haven't been corrected. We are now being told that the demands of the audit are merely suggestions. According to Todd Spencer, the executive vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, "Reading the inspector general's report, there are many serious safety concerns that are still far from resolved," he said. "Now we're just supposed to ignore those recommendations and let the Mexican long-haul rigs roll anywhere they want in the United States, regardless whether it's safe or not?"

My question is do we really need special government intervention to allow trucks from another state to haul wheat from Colorado or are they bringing in Mexican trucks along the "non-existing" Nafta Superhighway throught the proposed Mexican port in Kansas City?

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MAX Redline said...

Why are our roads in such disrepair?

That's easy: All of the money for highways is derived from the fuel taxes that you and I pay. In recent years, most of that funding has been diverted from roads to fixed-rail projects and to bike paths.

In Portland, the East Bank Esplanade (a pedestrian/bike path) was constructed using highway funds after the Portland City Council, under then-mayor Vera Katz, voted to designate the thing a "transportation corridor" - which then allowed them to siphon off millions of highway dollars.

An identical approach was used to construct a pedestrian/bike bridge over the four-lane McLaughlin street in souteast Portland - at a cost of over $3 million.

The list goes on and on.