Sunday, August 26, 2007

Read my lips, no North American Union!

President George W. Bush is"... amused by the difference between what actually takes place in the meetings and by what some are trying to say takes place,’ said Mr. Bush, responding to concerns raised by conservative and liberal groups and some U.S. lawmakers. ‘It's quite comical actually, to realize the difference between reality and what some people on TV are talking about."

What's amusing (not funny) is that so many "conspiracy theories" from JFK to 9/11 to the SPP North American Union could be silenced by a simple open display of the facts. If there is nothing to worry about at the SPP meetings why are they held in such tight secrecy?
One document uncovered by Judicial Watch speculated that in order to overcome public opposition to North American integration, policies should be developed in secret, what the document called “evolution by stealth.” Other documents talk of sending tax dollars to Mexico to build its infrastructure as part of the SPP, and still other documents talk of carbon secrecy?

Slowly one by one the American people are waking up to horrendous orchestrated distruction of our country and some day, somehow, these traitors are going to be brought to light. Cockroaches, meet the Orkin Man.


MAX Redline said...

Bush has spent years encouraging cockroach migration northward. Still waiting for the Orkin Man to appear on my neighbor's front lawn.

Bobkatt said...

Good point, however the cockroaches I was referring to are the "elected" officials that are scurrying around under the cover of darkness and secrecy promoting this invasion and North American Union agenda.