Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Job Nappy!

Sounds like something from the Bush cabinet:

The head of Homeland Security, Secretary Janet Napolitano acknowledges signs of rising violence in Mexico, but says that violence has yet to spill across the border. She assures American’s, if and when it does, Homeland Security has a plan prepared!
Napolitano says violence has yet to spill across the border."

Homeland Security official Roger Rufe said a department plan to respond to escalating violence on the southwest border includes — as a last resort — deploying military personnel and equipment to the region if homeland security agencies become overwhelmed.

Rufe, echoing comments a day earlier from President Barack Obama, said now is not the time to militarize the southwest border.

When a nut goes crazy in Alabama and kills 10 family members and then himself the government doesn't seem to have any problem with calling in the military. I'm just sayin'.

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Robin said...

Yeah, they have a plan, just like the plan to protect the borders, and stop the illegal aliens from invading and taking over.

oh, wait, that was a movie that I was watching on the Sci-fi channel.

now I am really scared!