Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why does Keith Obermann have a TV show?

Smart Ass Keith Obermann(starting at about 1:50) does his best to belittle Freshman congressman Bill Posey of Florida who authored a bill requiring documentation for future presidential candidates proving that they are qualified to run for president. The inititive for this bill is of course President Obama's continuing reluctuance to provide adequite proof to any of us that question is birth qualifications, health records and school records. (This from Mr. Open Government).
Obermann, or should I say Lesserman, goes on to say "you could grow a pair Mr. Posey and tell the racists and assorted other nutbags in your Republican Party it's time for them t put away the 'shrooms and except the president's birth certificate was all the proof required and that they should stop embarrasing themselves... so Congressman stop embarassing yourself and take the Reynold's Wrap off your head.

If Mr. Lesserman would pull his head out of his ass he might realize that those questioning Obama's qualification are not racists, not nutbags and not all Republicans and not on 'srooms. Also I doubt your qualifications if you don't know the difference between "Proof of Live Birth" and a "Birth Certificate". May I suggest that you grow a pair and do your job. Or is your job to just deficate on good Americans?

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MAX Redline said...

Hey, Olbermann's just been renewed at MSNBC to the tune of $7 million over the next four years.

He should be required watching.

This is what happens when aliens breed with sheep.