Monday, March 09, 2009

Is Wikipedia politically correct?

It's true that whenever the subject of Wikipedia being used as a reference tool comes up it is usually followed by "it's a good starting point but remember the material is contributed by the public and should be double checked". Unfortunately, it appears that even Wikipedia is being editted to provide a certain political point of view.
According to Wikipedia rules, however, a "fringe theory can be considered notable if it has been referenced extensively, and in a serious manner, in at least one major publication, or by a notable group or individual that is independent of the theory." That being said, why is Wikipedia refusing to allow any reference to the ongoing debate about Barack Obama's dubious eligiblility to legally be president? The issue has been reported extensively by multiple news media outlets including
World Net Daily, The Daily Mail in Britain, the Chicago Tribune and AOL news.
The following addition to Obama's entry was submitted twice by user "Jerusalem 21" and removed within minutes by the Wikipedia editors. References to Obama's association with the incendiary Reverend Wright and Weatherman Bill Ayers were likewise deleted. On the other hand in the George W Bush site there are many unfavorable references such as "multiple accounts of alcohol abuse, the handling of Hurricane Katrina, his favorable treatment during his National Guard service, and possible inside trading on stock sales.

On a personal note, during the resent national political conventions I was trying to find You Tube examples of violence at both conventions and found that while the Republican convention was heavily covered, the Democratic convention had almost all examples of violence or police activity removed. The subjects were posted but the videos were systematically removed.

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