Monday, July 10, 2006

Bobkatt's movie of the month club

While Al Gore captures the nations attention with his diatribe on Global Warming, I watched a movie that really hits close to home. It is called American Jobs by Greg Spotts. This is a documentary that explores the dicotomy of the "jobless recovery".
During the first six months of 2004, spotts visited nineteen cities and towns during the production of this self-funded film. He managed to put a face on the families effected by multinational corporations that take advantage of "global sourcing" to hire the lowest wage labor.
What I gleened from this movie:
  • 85-90% of the apparrel on our shelves is made off-shore.
  • If Walmart was a country it would be one of China's top ten trading partners.
  • On 9/11 2001 airlines laid off 50,000 workers and cancelled dozens of Boeing orders. Boeing laid off half its work force while airlines got $5 billion in bailout from congress.
  • Northwest Airlines gets $400,000,000 from U.S. and buys 26 jets from Airbus in Europe.
  • New Boeing 7e7 for the first time outsources the wing and other major components to global suppliers. 35% of the work goes to Japan and 35% stays here.
  • Robert Scott, economist at EPI estimates that Nafta eliminated 879,000 jobs from 1993-2002.
  • Marine 1, presidential helicopters made in Connecticut since 1958 now outsourced.
  • Military beret worn by our soldiers are made in China.
  • Homeland Security ordered uniforms for the border patrol from Mexico.
  • Food stamp call centers in 40 states serviced by India.
If you are curious about what is happening to this country while multinational corporations chase after the lowest available labor force please watch this movie. I was able to locate it in my public library.

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