Monday, July 24, 2006

Coming soon to a country near you!

Evidently the The Daily Mail thinks that a child is never too young to be brain washed. The following is a from the U.K. the Daily Mail:
"Children as young as three should be taught about same-sex relationships in a bid to stamp out homophobia in schools, it was claimed yesterday.

The National Union of Teachers, the country's largest teaching union, sparked outrage by demanding that nursery staff help to educate children about gay families.

It claims it is too late to wait until youngsters arrive at primary school to learn about the subject because some three-year-olds are already using homophobic language.

"It is too late to wait until primary school to challenge prejudice and intolerant abusive language.

The proposal was made yesterday when the NUT published its response to the Department for Education and Skills' Early Years Foundation Stage consultation document.

If you ever wonder where the outcry for school vouchers and private schools comes from this is an example of the Progressive agenda that is taking over the leaders of national education unions in Europe and soon America.
Tip goes out to Orbusmax for this heads-up.

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Publius said...

There are few organizations worse than the US teacher's union. I guess the only one worse though is the UK teacher's union. Schools should spend more time teaching kids to read and learning math and science and no time trying to teach them to all get along. The schools would be teaching ideas that would go against the religious beliefs of some of the children. I guess there is no such thing as Seperation of Church and State in England when it goes in the other direction.