Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lifes little ironies

From the Washington
Story by David Montgomery.

If it wasn't so serious of a subject, this could be just filed under a cute little human interest story. However, the story is not in what is printed, but what is not printed. The story begins by describing how a wayward mother duck and three ducklings wandered on to the beltway in Washington D.C. Passerby Pat Getter shot into the street after the ducks, yelling at cars "Stop! Stop! Stop!" She threw up her hands as though she were facing down tanks. On I Street, another woman Helburn threw herself in front of a Metro bus, which halted.
"Oh, they are so traumatized," fretted another one of the humans, Jennifer Helburn.
Now comes the irony. Helburn's job is communications director for the National Abortion Federation trade assocciation for abortion providers in the U. S. and Canada.
Quoting Geller, "'I realize you can't save all of them all the time,' she said, 'but when you're in a position to try, then you owe it to them to try.'" So true, So true

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MAX Redline said...

Oh, that's just too much! Save the duckies...wonder if she's ever heard of this little effect called Natural Selection? Survival of the Fittest?